Mike Steinberg

Electrifying Moments in Time

Mike Steinberg is a photojournalist who crafts narratives through his lens. His remarkable work has appeared in prestigious publications such as Time, Business Week, and Forbes. Mike's corporate work has an innate ability to transform grit and grime into polished perfection. Just one glance at his work and you'll understand immediately.

Mike brings an unconventional perspective to storytelling, capturing a deeper layer of emotional charge that distinguishes his work from the ordinary. His photography isn't just about images, it's about evoking strong emotions that leave lasting impressions on those who experience his art. His visual narratives and dynamic use of scale have the uncanny ability to suspend spectacular moments in time and space.

Mike Steinberg's calm and easy-going personality may not grab your attention at first, but his keen eye for color, beautiful compositions, and visual design certainly will. If you're fortunate to have the chance to work with Mike, you'll appreciate his collaborative approach and shoot style that makes for a creatively enjoyable experience. Mike's intuition of people, personality, and place allow him to create exceptional and magical storytelling events.

His discerning eye and proven experience enable him to convert mundane scenes into compelling and powerful landscapes that resonate with audiences. His profound understanding of the physics of light and how it travels through space becomes the allure that sets him apart from his peers. Mike's techniques of illumination and his ability to paint with light electrifies the emotions that can breathe life into any seamingly average assignment.